About Us

With an overall company vision of creating a region self sufficient in the production of green energy, API’s business idea aims at providing alternative green energy sources to meet current demand while conserving the environment, mitigating climate change as well as promoting sustainable social and economic development in Africa. To meet the company vision, 

 API’s objectives are;

  • To place API as a leading regional player in the processing and distribution of both automotive biodiesel and Bio-Jet (aviation fuel) in Africa and the entire world.
  • To contribute to overall regional goal of poverty eradication through job creation
  • To contribute to sustainable environmental management throughout Sub-Saharan Africa through tree planting, production of green energy and promotion of its use
  • To contribute to global efforts of mitigation measures to reduce global concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere as a mechanism to address global climatic change
  • To empower the local population through creation of wealth, improved health and Education
  • To reduce import expenditures on petroleum fuel while at the same time increasing export earnings through production of automotive bio-diesel and Bio-jet respectively.


Given the skyrocketing prices of crude petroleum and the growing concerns of green house emissions in both automotives and aero planes, focus to renewable sources to meet energy needs is key to address the critical need. In that direction, API has strategized its self to be among the leading producers of green energy with main focus in the production of Bio-diesel for automotive fleets, stationary appliances and jet Bio-diesel for the airline industry, as a substitute for petroleum based fuels. 

In Uganda, API has been running a pilot mini-refinery, which has been operational since 2009. This was API proof of concept entailing research on feedstock feasibility, product testing, and project sustainability on biodiesel production. Fertilizer and glycerin along with other by-products are produced and manufactured in this operation. Upon a successful implementation of the pilot mini-refinery, API has embarked on development of a biodiesel production facility with capacity to produce 60,000 litres per day of biodiesel, 18million litres per year, in Mukono district, Uganda.

In Ethiopia, API Renewable Energy PLC is in the process of developing a mini production facility with capacity to produce 12,000 litres per day of biodiesel and an industrial facility with capacity to produce 200,000 litres per day of biodiesel.

Company Location

The company has launched its operations in two African states namely Uganda and Ethiopia. Plans are underway to expand to Burundi, Kenya and Tanzania. African Power Initiative, Uganda office and mini refinery is located on Plot 1929 Kansanga. API Ethiopia office is located in Addis Ababa with major field operations in the Mekelle, Tigray region