API Feedstock

API has identified seed source options that are common in Uganda: Castor seeds, Jatropha seeds, Candlenut seeds, and Croton seeds, with special emphasis on Castor plant’s hybrid variety as their dedicated plantation and candlenut, Croton and jatropha from out growers. These offer the highest oil yield and thus the highest wealth for the company and farmers

In Uganda, API is practicing mechanized commercial production of hybrid castor in Namalu, Karamoja. To ensure a sustainable seed supply, API has also contracted Cenergy Global limited, www.cenergylimited.com, to develop, train and manage an out growers scheme that supplies candlenut seeds as a supplementary feedstock source. Cenergy recruits farmers to plant candlenut trees as a feedstock source.


Feedstock Processing, Biodiesel Production and Utilization

Oil is extracted from seeds and processed into biodiesel.  The technology used is highly proven to provide a high quality product at the lowest cost. API also has a well equipped laboratory for testing and analyzing the biodiesel and its bi-products.

The biodiesel produced is blended with petro diesel at different ratios making it ready for use in automotives and stationary applications. The major customers are agricultural farms, in-city transport companies and companies who need the lowest possible pollution levels in their technological processes i.e. use in generators, furnaces, burners etc. This biodiesel offers the best alternative to pure petro diesel due to the following attributes,

1. It is renewable, biodegradable and has a positive energy balance in production.

2. Car engines do not need to be changed when biodiesel is blended with petro diesel.

3. Reduces the emissions of GHGs.

4. Its increased use directly enforces tree planting leading to climate change adaptation.